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**Hosted by Kelly Ripa**
"It's the headband that clips-on!!"

Hi!  I'm a Wife, Mom of three young boys, an author, and an inventor at heart with a book full of ideas!  
I  am finally trying to take one of my inventions all the way to HSN!  :)

HOW did I come up with the klipzon idea?:
When I was pregnant with our oldest, the doctors found a bloodclot in my brain that was life threatening.  I had to inject myself with medicine twice a day.  During the 3rd trimester the clot got worse an they checked me into the hospital, and I stayed there for 5 weeks...our son was born premature.  Between medications, surgeries, and a bunch of other details I won't bore you with...my hair REALLY fell out and we cut it very short.  I wanted to wear a headband to look better, but I couldn't stand the pain!  So I didn't. 
That's when I came up with the klipzon idea!

What would it mean to get on the show?:
I believe that using your experiences to encourage other people is really important.  That is how you can find purpose in any journey you must go through. Since that stay at the hospital, each year  at Christmas time my family and I have returned to that 4th floor and thrown a party for all the ladies waiting  for their babies to arrive.  This last year was the SIXTH ANNUAL party!  We bring little Christmas trees for the ladies to decorate, punch, cookies, I struggle to play the guitar as we all sing carols, and we give each lady a bag of gifts with things like magazines, slippers, soap, and inspirational jewelry.  Each year has been a blessing for us...and I hear from the nurses the ladies like it too. :) 

Times are tough for almost everyone.  Getting my Klipzon Headband to market would help me continute the tradition of of reaching out to the ladies at the hospital.  It would also help my family as we have had some extreme circumstances and costs for the adoption of our youngest son.  What a year this has been, but as I have always believed...when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  I think we can use the experiences in life that we go through to show God's love to those around us and help encourage them in their journey.  I hope in someway my journey in creating the Klipzon Headband has encouraged you.

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